By analogizing the world in digital solutions that can be built using information technology, entrust that need to us Wicsolution.com

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We are Creative

To deliver superior features in IT utilization, we always emphasize the high creativity aspect, so that our products become easier, more consistent and reliable.

We are Professional

Professionalism is a mandatory code for us, this component includes Achievement Targets, Time and Attitude.

We're Geniuses

Expert in planning, experience in application, and massive under attack. Making Wic Solution better equipped to make decisions and attitudes, our genius emerged and was fueled along our journey in the world of Information Technology.

Wic is your IT solution

You can achieve various kinds of IT needs that are more valuable in accordance with your business strategy with us.

Strategic Planning

Planning an IT strategy in a business or organization is a must, in order to determine the direction of development of the alignment of IT needs, and can measure success along with the risks. Leave it all to us.

Easy to apply and develop

The implementation stage of the strategy element is one of the products we offer, based on the framework used by the majority of developers, this allows it to be “scaled up/down” using micro services architecture.

Architecture, Resources And Networking

To assist developers and organizations in implementing their IT strategy, we also have a futures service product to fill DevOps positions in your organization.

Monitoring and Audit

A mature strategy can certainly measure and determine opportunities to the risks that arise, but in certain cycles organizations often need Monitoring and Audit services to be able to identify opportunities in more detail to the risks that will arise, now Wic Solution is ready to provide IT system audit services for you, your business can quickly determine the steps with the results of the recommendations that we present.

Great Design & Incredible Features

We will make everything you need about technology even more valuable

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Our Services

IT Strategic Planning

We can create a great and sustainable IT plan for your company. Good planning, opportunities, risk analysis and recommendations

Web and Mobile Apps

We are ready to work on your company’s project, with the skills we have we can carefully analyze the needs of your organization to be achieved through investment in information system services / applications that are reliable and functional.

IT Architecture and Hardware Procurement

The basic plan of an IT plan is IT hardware and architecture, such as servers, computer networks etc. efficient and robust.

Software dan Hardware Testing

All IT needs in the development stage require a team to be able to test the extent to which IT components are feasible to be released/implemented, in this case we provide systematic testing/testing services to make it easier for developers to perfect IT components that are ready to be released.

DevOps and Reliability Engineer

SRE takes tasks that operations teams have historically performed, often manually, and instead passes them on to engineers or operations teams who use software and automation to troubleshoot and manage our client’s production systems.


Network and infrastructure design, we can plan and realize your computer network needs for you, taking into account security, limitations and availability. Either LAN, Man or Wan. Hotspot, VPN, PPPoe etc.

Our Skills

We are experts in various fields including;

planning, development, deployment, production, web-based, mobile and backend systems.

  • 01- IT Strategic Planning

  • 02- IT Analysis

  • 03- Graphic Design

  • 04- Full Stack Development

  • 05- Networking and DevOps

Our Works

Managing and Monitoring Cloud Services

Managing and Monitoring Cloud Services

Manage and Monitor Cloud Services, Keep ensuring Security and Availability.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband, meet high-speed wireless service

Sahabat NuMart

Sahabat NuMart

Retail Mall and ERP System

Mikrotik Radius Cloud Management

Mikrotik Radius Cloud Management

Manage Many ROS access From Cloud

Wic Pay

Wic Pay

Wic Pay, is a Future Payment Method

Bibit Siaptanam

Bibit Siaptanam

Agro Local Market


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Our Team

Mahbub H

Mahbub H

Founder & CTO

Make IT Valuable

A Tobroni

A Tobroni



Aviq B

Aviq B


Data Science

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